10 or 20 Dew Drop Fairy Lights on Silver or Copper Wire with Small Battery Pack

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Mason Jar Fairy Lights - 39" Strands, Warm White LEDs

20 Warm White LEDs
20 Warm White LEDs
20 Warm White LEDs
20 Fairy Light LEDs on Silver Wire
Warm White Fairy Lights - Copper or Silver Wire
20 Warm White Fairy Lights on Copper Wire
20 Warm White Fairy Light LEDs on 39-inch silver wire
Battery Pack Fits Easily Under Mason Jar Lid
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39" (1 meter) Fairy Lights. Batteries are included. Just pull the inhibitor and they are ready to use. (FYI, the Mason Jars are not included. This listing is only for the lights.) The battery packs are only 1.9 inches by 0.9 inches by 0.25 inches. Fits perfectly inside the lid of a Mason jar. (See Picture.)

The lights will run at least 24 to 48 hours on a set of batteries (Batteries are replaceable. CR2032 batteries.).

The light strands are waterproof. The battery pack is not waterproof, but it is very easy to make each battery pack waterproof. Simply remove the inhibitor and completely cover the battery pack with scotch tape of clear packing tape. The switch is still easy to operate, and the lights and battery pack will be submersible.

Replacement batteries may be hard to find and can be expensive, so we are offering them here. (See Related Items below).

  • Option 1: 10 or 20 Fairy Light LEDs per light strand
  • Option 2: Copper or Silver Wire Color.

  • For 39" lights with 10 LEDs - 4-inch separation between lights (10 cm)
  • For 39" lights with 20 LEDs - 2-inch separation between lights (5 cm)
  • Uses 2 CR2032 Battery (Batteries are included)
  • Battery Box is only 1.9-inches by 0.9 inches by 0.25 inches.
  • Batteries are replaceable. (We sell CR2032 batteries!)
  • 2 Switch Settings: On/Off
  • There is no timer on this unit
  • There is no remote control option
  • Run time: 24 to 48 hours.
  • Lights are waterproof. Battery Pack is not waterproof, but it is easy to seal.
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