Rechargeable Flame Effect Bulb

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Rechargeable Flame Effect Bulb

Create Safe Tiki Torches with Flameless Bulbs
Create Safe Tiki Torches with Flameless Bulbs
Create Safe Tiki Torches with Flameless Bulbs
Rechargeable Flame Effect Bulb
Rechargeable Flame Effect Bulb - FLAME
Great idea for safe tiki lamps
Rechargeable Flame Effect Bulb
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Rechargeable Flame Light Bulbs – Different from flame bulbs that require a socket and electricity.

Portable Flame Effect Light Bulbs – Bulbs use a rechargeable battery and can be taken and used practically anywhere. The built-in battery will give 6 hours of flame effects. Attach a power bank to the lights or keep them plugged in if you need longer than 6 hours of burn time. The bulb uses one 1200 mAh rechargeable battery – included.

Multiple-Function Bulbs – The lights have flame setting, and they also have a general light bulb mode that gives off flame-colored light. The lights have a gravity detector. The flames go from bottom to top if the lights are in normal orientation or upside down.The flickering flame light bulb simulates natural flame with no open flame, no UV, and no infrared radiation.

These lights will provide the look of real flames without any of the fire risks. That makes them ideal for camping trips, fire places, and numerous outdoor events.