Remote Control Unit for Onesteptimers DC-Style Lights

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Remote Receiver/Controller Set (DC)

Onesteptimers Remote Receiver Unit
Onesteptimers Remote Receiver Unit
Item #: REM17DC

Remote Control Transmitter/Receiver Set
Works with Onesteptimers DC5521 connector products.
Not designed to work with hard-wired products

Video shows remote working with receiver inside a Mason Jar with the lid on.
  • Clear receiver.
  • Range is 15 to 25 feet. (5m to 8m)
  • Works with any OneStepTimers parts using our DC5521 connector.
  • Connect remote, turn on battery box, control lights with transmitter.
  • Transmitter has dim and bright buttons to change light intensity.
  • Transmitter offers 1 timer setting: 6-hours
  • Transmitter has 3 modes: Steady-on, Flash, and Fade-in/Fade-out.
  • A speed button allows you to control the speed of the Flash or Fade-in/Fade-out.

Important Note - The remote receiver needs power to operate. When you hook this remote up to an existing product, make sure that the existing product is in the ON position at all times. Without power to the receiver, the handheld transmitter will not function properly.